COVID update on 25 May

for the European Union, the United Kingdom and the US of America.

The graph below shows the daily COVID death per million inhabitants against the cumulative death rate since the beginning of 2020. The curve shows the evolution for the past month for each country. The country name is close to the latest value.

Basically all curves are going down which is a very good news : the daily death rates are decreasing.

EU+UK+US: daily death rate over the past month (Y-axis) and cumulative death rate (X-axis) per million, inhabitants

Thirteen countries have managed to dwarf the disease : Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.

Many countries have it now under control : Austria, Belgium, Cyprus (even though it is slightly worsening recently), Czech Rep, Estonia, France, Germany, Slovenia, Spain, and the USA.

All the others are still facing a significant death rate which is rapidly going down: this is also great, even if an other month is required to have the COVID under control..

Three countries (Hungary, Czech Rep and Bulgaria) are experiencing over 2500 cumulative COVID deaths per million which is a large percentage of their yearly death rate excluding COVID (Hungary 12800, Czech Rep. 10500, Bulgaria 14500).

It is also possible to look at the daily death rates per million for the six largest western Europe countries and the US.

Daily COVID death rate in top 6 EU countries and the US

The UK has managed to significantly decrease its COVID death rate to close to nil while Italy, France, Germany, the US and Spain are still at 2 per million that is 730 per year, or 7% of additional deaths due to COVID.

The cumulative figures concur, reminding that the second wave was twice as strong as the first. If Germany escaped the first wave, it could not avoid the second which is almost as strong as in the other countries.

A few central Europe countries have been very strongly hit by the second wave after being spared by the first. Fortunately, the daily rates are coming down.

And finally a global view of the EU:

It is worth noting that Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland has managed to stay out of COVID. And that Sweden has performed similarly to Luxembourg.