COVID on 5 April 2021, contrasted impacts

This graph below shows the daily death rate country in the five most populated countries in Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) and the USA.

Germany and the UK are dropping below 2 deaths per day per million inhabitants (DPDPM). Italy is quite high around 7. The three others begin to re-increase (third wave ?).

As on the graph below, Cumulative numbers give the same conclusion: the UK and Germany (which miraculously escaped by the first wave) are stabilized, and the pandemy is still very active in France, Italy, Spain and the US.

Considering all the EU and EFTA countries, only three escaped the second wave (Iceland, Norway and Finland), few have managed to control the pandemy (Denmark, Sweden, Portugal and the UK), and all the others are suffering, in particular Estonia, Greece, Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Czech Rep. which is terribly hit.

(nb: the increase is computed with the latest data against the data from 2 weeks before)