COVID on 15 June 2021: seasonality?

It seems that we may be switching back to a more normal life, going to restaurants, movies and museums.

All EU countries have changed from (very) high death rate to very low rates in a few weeks (chart 1).

Even Iran covid motality is now low.

All EU countries have experienced a sharp drop in mortality rate in the past four wxeeks (one dot per week).

My opinion is that these decreases of the Covid are too sharp and much too concomitant to be only connected to vaccination.

If we check south hemisphere countries with high levels of vaccination like Chile (100%) or Uruguay (90%), there is no such a decrease (chart 2 and 3).

During last four wxeeks (one dot per week)., Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina are NOT expriencing a decrease of Covid mortality, despite high vaccination level.
Uruguay is over 15! Bolivia an Chile are around 5, France, IOtaly, Iran are dropiing below2. (Unit is covid deaths per million inhabitant per day)

My guess would be that we are benefiting from strong seasonality effect in the northern hemisphere (just like we have experienced in 2020).

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