Covid update on 16 Jan 2022: finally much less lethal

Let’s check the daily mortality per million inhabitants.

Only Bulgaria remains at a very high rate, above 10 deaths per million inhabitants per day

Croatia , Hungary, and Poland have just dropped below 10

The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Latvia in Europe, Georgia  in Asia and Bolivia In the Americas are still above 4 (and below 10 obviously).

There are 11 countries where mortality is above 4 per million inhabitants per day. In all other countries in the World, mortality is less than 4 per million inhabitants per day.

The US of America are the twelfth country at 3.4.


If you believe the reporting made by the national health care systems and aggregated by ECDC, Covid-19 mortality is now low.

Since the start of the Covuid-19 pandemic, seven countries, the US of A, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, Peru and the UK, which accounts for 14% of the world population concentrate 53% of all Covid deaths.