COVID on 2 Nov 2020, the most impacted countries

most impacted countries

There are 19 countries which have a COVID related death rate over 500 per million year-to-date.

This 500 level is to be compared to last year country death rate. In 2019, at the high end, Latvia has experienced 14 530 deaths per million. At the low end, Colombia had 4 768 deaths per million in 2019. The 500 level respectively corresponds to 3.4% and 10.5% of these 2019 numbers.

These 19 countries have a population of 1.1 billion people that is 14.5% of the world population and they concentrate almost 800 000 deaths that is 66.2% of the deaths due to Covid.

(2019 in M)
Death Rate
(deaths/M YTD)
SMSan Marino420,01 219
PEPeru34 52932,51 062
BEBelgium11 73711,51 025
ESSpain35 87846,9764
BRBrazil160 074211,0758
BOBolivia8 73111,5758
CLChile14 24719,0752
ECEcuador12 68417,4730
MXMexico91 895127,6720
USUSA230 996329,1702
UKUK46 71766,6701
ARArgentina31 14044,8695
ITItaly38 82660,4643
PAPanama2 7064,2637
COColombia31 51550,3626
SESweden5 93810,2580
FRFrance37 01967,0552
Total795 0621 111716

They are located in Central and South America (32% with Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Panama and Colombia), in North America (19% with USA) and in West Europe (15% with San Marino, Belgium, Andorra, Spain, UK, Italy, Sweden, France and Montenegro).

It is worth pointing out that CoVID has killed less people in 2020 than Tuberculosis did last year, a disease which is also an infection of the lungs, Tuberculosis a disease for which there are vaccines costing less than 0.20 euro and for which there are treatments. However, Tuberculosis is a bacterial infection when Covid is a viral infection. Tuberculosis is most killing in Africa (almost half of the deaths) and South East Asia (almost half of the deaths) when Covid appears to be killing West Europe and Americas.