Covid after 2 years

Is the Covid over or is it just slowing down once again ?

Should we excpect a new covid every year or every other year just like we do expect flu pandemic ?

As I am not aspecialist, I would not know.

What I can observe is a new slow down, in Western Europe but also in almost all reporting countries.

In the largest countries of Western Europe, the situation is improving.

In Western Europe the graph is self explanatory (death per million inhabitant per day)
This daily vs cumulative death rate, shows that the western European countries have very different cumulative death rate
(it varies between 1250 for the Netherlands to 2600 for Italy)

Checking all the countries in the world reporting a current daily death rate above 3 (per million per day), the situtation is worsening only Korea, Denmark and Slovakia..

Only 14 countries report a death rate above 3 per million inhabitant per day.
And for most of them, this rate is decreasing.

Finally according to ECDC reports, seven countries (United States Of America , Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, Peru, United Kingdom) which represent 28% of earth population concentrate 53% of Covid deaths